Pray for Shurijo Castle

At DMM Kariyushi Aquarium, a short movie about water circulation and attractions in Okinawa is showing in the theatre. The movie is produced base on videos filmed by our production team in various attractions in Okinawa Main Island, including video of Seiden (main building) and Una of Shurijo Castle filmed in Jun 2019.*

Including Seiden, the intense fire devastated eight wooden structures of Shurijo Castle. As our earnest wish for the restoration of Shurijo Castle and tourism industry, we are showing the video of Shurijo Castle in DMM Kariyushi Aquarium with the consent of related party.

The video makes use of special camerawork as if you are diving into the video, leading you from Uno to Seiden, presenting the majestic nobility of Shurijo Castle.

Photo shooting occurs under the permission of Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park Office. We make use of a technique for 3D scanning calls "photogrammetry", which enable analysis and utilization of images to create 3D renderings for video filming.

Video on Official YouTube Channel

Area Showing Video of Shurijo Castle

Please visiton the second floor to watch the video of Shurijo Castle.


DMM RESORTS Co., Ltd. wish for the earliest possible restoration of Shurijo Castle.