Sustainable Development Goals

Saving Our Oceans

At DMM Kariyushi Aquarium, we understand conservation of marine creatures and habitats is important to a sustainable environment. As part of our ocean conservation project, we work closely with experts to cultivate and transplant corals.

Cultivation & Transplantation of Corals

Corals are among the most brilliant species in our exhibits. In DMM Kariyushi Aquarium, we join hands with Seaseed Co., Ltd. for coral cultivation and transplantation. By raising corals with care, new coral fragments are separated from parent corals meticulously and are attached on artificial rocks to expand.

Seaseed is the first company in the world that successfully induces corals to spawn in ocean after transplantation of farmed corals. With their technical support, we commit to effective and lasting ocean conservation, starting from the shores of Okinawa Prefecture to our invaluable oceans.

Our Partners

Our partners share the same value and support our efforts in ocean conservation. we thank them for their commitment to our works.