Wireless LAN Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Purpose

These terms and conditions (these “Terms and Conditions”) set out necessary matters in regard to the provision of a wireless Internet connection (the “Wireless LAN”) by DMM RESORTS Co., Ltd. (“DMM RESORTS”) to visitors of DMM Kariyushi Aquarium operated by DMM RESORTS (the “Facility”).

Article 2 Details of Services

A visitor of the Facility who uses the Wireless LAN (“User”) may use the Wireless LAN within the Facility to the extent permitted by these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the provisions hereof.

Article 3 Available Hours

The Wireless LAN is available during the business hours of the Facility. However, DMM RESORTS may change the available hours without prior announcement.

Article 4 Conditions of Use

Users shall prepare necessary telecommunication devices, etc. at their own expense to use the Wireless LAN.

Article 5 Prohibited Matters

Users must not do any of the following:

  • (1) engaging in any acts that infringe or are likely to infringe copyrights or any other rights of a third party or DMM RESORTS;
  • (2) engaging in any acts that encroach on or are likely to encroach on the property of a third party or DMM RESORTS;
  • (3) other than the cases listed in the preceding two items, engaging in any acts that cause or are likely to cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or DMM RESORTS;
  • (4) defaming or slandering a third party or DMM RESORTS;
  • (5) engaging in any acts that are contrary to or are likely to be contrary to, or providing information that is contrary to, public order and good morals;
  • (6) committing any criminal acts or any acts that are linked to or are likely to be linked to criminal acts;
  • (7) using or disseminating harmful programs such as computer viruses via the Wireless LAN or in connection with the Wireless LAN;
  • (8) sending to an unspecified number of Users e-mail, text chat (including SMS) or the like for advertising, promotional or solicitation purposes;
  • (9) using file-sharing programs or transmitting a significantly large amount of data; or
  • (10) in addition to the matters listed in the preceding items, engaging in any acts that violate or are likely to violate laws or ordinances, or any acts that DMM RESORTS deems inappropriate.

2 If damage is caused to DMM RESORTS or a third party due to an act of a User falling under any of the matters in the preceding items, such User shall compensate for such damage.

Article 6 Discontinuance of Service

1. DMM RESORTS may discontinue its provision of the Wireless LAN in each of the following cases:

  • (1) when it conducts periodic or urgent maintenance or construction work on the Wireless LAN systems;
  • (2) when it is impossible or difficult to operate the Wireless LAN due to an emergency (including, but not limited to, riot, civil commotion, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, or blackout);
  • (3) there is an unavoidable reason such as equipment or network failures related to the Wireless LAN systems; or
  • (4) any other case where DMM RESORTS determines temporary suspension is necessary in connection with the operation of the Wireless LAN.

2 DMM RESORTS will not be liable for any damage incurred by a User due to discontinuance of provision of the Wireless LAN under the preceding paragraph.

Article 7 Disclaimer

1. DMM RESORTS will not be liable for any damage caused to a User in relation to the use of the Wireless LAN.

2. DMM RESORTS makes no guarantee as to the suitability of the Wireless LAN to telecommunication devices, etc. used by Users.

Established: Apr 1, 2020