Welcome Theatre Releases a New Scene


DMM Kariyushi Aquarium will release a new scene at the Welcome Theatre from Tuesday, February 2.

Image of "Pottery Village"
Welcome Theatre

Welcome Theatre is a theater showing an Okinawa-themed story about "water" and "life". A multi-screen theatre brings all the guests an immersive experience and leads everyone to an extraordinary world. Part of the movie is showcasing Shurijo Castle, the symbol of Okinawa. The latest release will release a new scene showcasing the Pottery Village (Yachimun No Sato), an iconic architecture in Okinawa.

Pottery Village is located in Yomitan, central of Okinawa. Many artisans visit this place to make traditional Okinawan potteries. We used drone to film the roof of climbing kilns (Noborigama), so that guests will feel like flying above the distinctive red roof tiles. "Shurijo Castle" version, showcasing the symbol of Okinawan history and culture; and the "Pottery Village" version, showcasing the traditional Okinawan architecture will be on air in the Welcome Theatre simultaneously. Guests can choose either version to experience a unique Okinawa journey.

Details of "Pottery Village" version

Release Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Venue: Welcome Theatre (2nd floor)
Time: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Fee: Free

1) Last admission is 1 hour before closing.
2) Admission ticket is required to enter the aquarium separately.
3) Each guest can only enter the theater once. Please choose the preferred version before entering the Welcome Theatre.

4) Performance and related contents are subject to change or closure without prior notice.
5) For detailed information such as tickets and opening hours of the aquarium, please refer to our official website.