DMM Kariyushi Aquarium Unveils Seasonal Limited Performance in Jellyfish Area


Starting from Wednesday, December 1st, DMM Kariyushi Aquarium will present a new seasonal light-and-sound performance in the jellyfish area.

With the changing of seasons, DMM Kariyushi Aquarium is giving the jellyfish area a makeover for a limited time. Featuring Christmas, new year and spring, the new performance comprises three major themes, showcasing the glorious champagne winter, silent falling snow in the ocean and; budding and blooming Okinawan cherry blossom in Nago city. In the illuminated water world, sounds react with the moving lights as well as the changes in colors to depict a splendid world. Specially designed lights, sounds along with the drifting jellyfish, all of these serves to create a special moment for our guests.

Performance Details

Period    : Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 to Monday, February 28th, 2022 
Venue    : Jellyfish area (1st floor)
Time*    : 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fee^       : Free

*Last admission is 1 hour before closing.
^Admission ticket is required to enter the aquarium separately.
- The new performance will replace the regular performance during above period. 
- Photos shown in this press release represent an artist’s impression. Performance and related contents are subject to change or closure without prior notice.
- For detailed information such as tickets and opening hours of the aquarium, please refer to our official website.

▲Glorious Champagne Winter (Artist’s Impression)

Glorious Champagne Winter (Christmas)

Some warm orange light particles are adding on the snowy white lights, then a champagne gold color fills the whole space to create a bright world. These flickering light particles bathe the area in a warm glow, symbolising the celebration of Christmas.

▲Silent Falling Snow in The Ocean (Artist’s Impression)

Silent Falling Snow in The Ocean (New Year)

Depicted by lights, snow falls from the sky silently, while sounds changes along with the twinkling lights. With increasing white lights, snow gradually transforms the dark space into a snowy world.

▲Budding and Blooming Okinawan Cherry Blossom in Nago City (Artist’s Impression)

Budding and Blooming Okinawan Cherry Blossom in Nago City (Spring)

Shining cylindrical pillars represent blooming cherry blossoms and turn the area into a pink color. Complemented by the gradation of pink color signifying the wind of spring. The whole composition symbolises the fully bloomed Okinawan cherry blossoms (Kanhizakura) in Nago city between January and February. Then lights start sparkling which indicates scattering cherry blossoms and brings the performance to an end.