Wrought Iron Butterflyfish, An Endemic Species Arrives at DMM Kariyushi Aquarium


New wrought iron butterflyfish arrives the Aquarium on Saturday, January 1st in the Coral Reef Fantasy.

Wrought iron butterflyfish is endemic to Japan, they can be found in Daito Islands and Ogasawara Islands. There black, white and yellow color add color to the exhibit.

The new residents debut at Coral Reef Fantasy. This exhibit is compose of an expansive viewing panel and an ocean tunnel allowing visitors view from different angles. Visitors can look up close to the beautiful wrought iron butterflyfish swimming around the coral reefs and immerse in the stunning ocean.

Exhibit Details

Start Date: Saturday, January 1st
Exhibit: Coral Reef Fantasy in 1F
Species: Wrought iron butterflyfish

*Exhibits subject to change or closure without prior notice.