DMM Kariyushi Aquarium Announces Renovation Coming to 3 Exhibits, Introducing Brand-new Video, Light-and-sound Experience


In honor of the 1st anniversary of DMM Kariyushi Aquarium, we are excited to announce that 3 exhibits will be receiving transformation, presenting new video, light-and-sound experience from Saturday, July 17th,2021.


The themes of renovation include “seek for light”, “teal blue ocean” and “spectacular and lively movement“ to deliver a brand-new experience to guests.

Seek for Light
Taking inspiration from different lights in Okinawa, the new exhibits embrace sunlight at sunrise, noon, and dusk; light in underwater; light refraction from water bubbles and glow of creatures at night, delivering lights of hope in the changing world. 

Teal Blue Ocean
Okinawa’s ocean has a teal blue color, a mixed blue and green color. The new exhibits used location shooting and CG to depict this teal blue color, in which such limpid water is not commonly found in the main island of Japan. 

Spectacular and Lively Movement
The new experience will feature 3Ds - dynamic, drastic and dramatic. Our production team used water filming to capture the swimming scene of animals drastically. Drones are used to film different lights and natural sceneries, delivering a never-before-seen vision of Okinawa.

Exhibit Details

Welcome Theatre
The multi-screen theatre adopted surround sound system*, bringing an ultimate entertainment experience to spectators.

The new movie contains underwater, land-based and aerial photography over Okinawa. With the theme of ”light”, it showcases Okinawa’s changing faces at sunrise, noon, dusk and night. Our production team visited the outer islands of Okinawa to shoot stunning sceneries by underwater camera and drones. Surround sound system delivers sounds recorded in the nature and original music, taking guests on an extraordinary adventure in Okinawa.

*The theatre adopted 5.1ch surround sound system. Location of sound changes according to the movie content to deliver a premium audio experience.


Virtual Waterland
This large virtual aquarium is composed of 5 acrylic panels showing projection images. This huge tank will unveil 3 new breath-taking contents which are created by complicated CG and physical simulation.

1) Indo-Pacific Sailfish
The video shines a spotlight on the predation of Indo-Pacific sailfish, an exceptional swimmer having elongated upper jaws and sail-like first dorsal fin. Several Indo-Pacific sailfish swim near the water surface to attack schools of sardine. Guests can watch breath-taking scenes of its sudden stop or change in directions during predation.

2) Blue-footed Booby
In the video, blue-footed boobies dive into surface waters at high speeds and chase their prey underwater. Squadrons of boobies plunge into the water from different directions, then use their wings and feet to swim and attack schools of sardine.

3) Teal Blue Wave
Using precise flow simulation in CG, the video features ocean of Okinawa. Movement of waves bring changes to the crystal-clear teal blue ocean from water surface to the underwater. Guests will be astonished by light in underwater, light refraction from water bubbles and surging waves.


Jellyfish World
Jellyfish drift gracefully in illuminated cylindrical aquariums, together with light columns, creating a delightful water world. In this summer, this captivating world will be transformed into a new face.

The story is set in a fictitious world that a forest is growing in Okinawa’s deep sea. Cold ice melts into the ocean, trees sway and colourful flowers bloom in the teal blue ocean. The combination of light and sound invites our guests into an enchanting virtual world.


Renovation Details

Exhibits    : Welcome Theatre, Virtual Waterland, Jellyfish World
Date          : from Saturday, July 17th, 2021
                   *Renovation in Jellyfish World is a time-limited content showing until Thursday, September 30th, 2021.

1) Photos shown in this press release represent an artist’s impression. Related contents are subject to change without prior notice.
2) Operation hours subject to change or closure without prior notice. Please refer to our official website for the latest information.