Welcome Theatre Releases New Season of Work into 2022


DMM Kariyushi Aquarium will release a new season of work at the Welcome Theatre from Wednesday, January 12th.

The new work will be playing in the Welcome Theatre, a multi-screen theatre adopted surround sound system, bringing an ultimate entertainment experience to spectators. The movie contains underwater, land-based and aerial photography over Okinawa. With the theme of ”light”, it showcases Okinawa’s changing faces at sunrise, noon, dusk and night. Sea turtles is newly added in this season of work.

The adventure begins with a group of sea turtles created by CG, swimming in the beach of Tokashiki Island. After diving into the ocean, audiences can find the sea turtles filmmed in Kerama Islands embark on an underwater journey. A breathtaking scene with purple sky will leave audiences with a deep-felt appreciation for the beauty of nature and brings the journey to a climax.

Details of "Sea Turtle" version

Release Date: Wednesday, January 12th, 2022
Venue: Welcome Theatre (2nd floor)
Time: Depends on the opening hours of the aquarium. Please click here for details.
Fee: Free

1) Performance and related contents are subject to change or closure without prior notice.
2) For detailed information such as tickets and opening hours of the aquarium, please refer to our official website.